Here’s what a few of our past clients say about the service we provide:


  • I live in Florida and sold my family home in PA. With the distance involved, my agent, Gayle, alleviated a lot of my stress by handling and taking care of everything in my absence in a friendly, timely and professional manner!”-- Debbie I. 
  • I had a completely hassle free process of selling my home, all due to having an outstanding agent in Gayle Blonar. Gayle was on top of every step of the process, always in advance of when something needed done.  – Sandy P. 
  • Gayle and Michael went above and beyond any expectations or previous experiences I’ve had with other agents. The closing was delayed three times and Gayle worked tirelessly to resolve the issues. She is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the housing business. More importantly, she kept me calm and reassured me through every decision. She exemplifies what a real estate agent should be. -- Kathy J.
  • Jon and I are so lucky to have found you. With you, the process was a breeze and you have certainly earned “life-clients” from us! -- Ashley S.
  • Before I met Gayle & Michael, I had my house listed with 2 other companies. The agents rarely even called me and I had no idea if they were doing anything to sell my home or not. After I listed with Gayle, I talked to her more in the first 10 days than I talked to those other agents in total. My house sold quickly. After the buyer’s inspection, Michael helped me correct some of the problems so the sale could go through. It was a much better experience.  -- Doris S.
  • There's no doubt Gayle and Michael are among the best agents in Pittsburgh. With them, you get the expertise of a veteran area agent and seasoned craftsman. If you're looking for a team that provides tremendous support, helps you make fact-based decisions and gives you great confidence in your decision-making, Gayle and Michael Blonar are the team for you.  -- Joseph H.
  • Gayle’s market analysis was right-on.   Other agents told us to price our house lower but we listened to Gayle.  We had 3 offers in 9 days and sold for $15,000 more than we expected.  We interviewed several top agents from other companies and we’re so glad we chose her.  -- Sarah P.
  • We are so thankful that you were the person to help us find our first home. You have been patient, kind, and a pleasure to be around. As first time buyers, so many people could have taken advantage of us — it was wonderful to work with someone we could trust! -- Kari D.



The “Just Right” Pittsburgh Real Estate Team  - A Real Life Fairy Tale   

Remember the story of Goldilocks and the three Bears?   

And the too hot, too cold and just right porridge?     

Let’s agree that buying or selling a home or investment property in Pittsburgh is a much bigger deal than eating a bowl of porridge. 

And let’s also agree that when you are buying or selling real estate, one of the most important decisions you will make is: Which real estate agent should I hire to represent me? 

There are lots of real estate agents out there. It’s relatively easy to get licensed and the initial start-up fees are low enough that many people give it a whirl. But statistics show the average agent sells between 6-8 houses a year. Not even one house per month. 

So one of your choices is the “too cold” average agent – selling 6-8 houses a year. Do you want to put your important financial, lifetime investment “porridge” in the hands of an agent with that kind of limited experience? 

Another choice is one of the large real estate teams – 6, 8, 10 or more team members and one primary agent overseeing everything – the “too hot” agents in our real life “fairy tale”. If you decide to be represented by one of these teams, based on the knowledge and experience of the primary agent…and the team is selling a hundred properties or more each year – how often do you think you will actually hear from the primary agent?   When you have a question & need an answer, will you be able to reach the primary agent or will you find a full voice mail box and your emails going unanswered for days?   

The Blonar Team is the “just right” team. We have a combined 35+ years of experience in real estate and construction. We’ve sold hundreds of homes. Michael has built and/or remodeled hundreds of homes. We know real estate and we know home construction. We have a marketing/social media assistant, but when you have a question, you’ll get an answer from one of us. When you send an email or leave a voice mail, you’ll receive a response within 24 hours, from one of us. We will be with you every step of the way from initial consultation to sitting by your side, at the settlement table. 

Give us a call at 724-344-4795.  We'll be glad to help with all of your real estate needs.